xoJessi Lucky Palms

Final Fact: I don’t hate generations. I know a lot of simmers are like, generations is pointless, everything within it should have been added to the base game and while you’re kind of right, I’m glad we at least got it. The content could have just been shipped off to the store like some of the other kid content is.

Fact 4: When I play I’m usually concerned about skilling them up, so some times their love lives suffer (especially when they’re married ahaha. How realistic) so getting the deed done in strange places should be a new priority for me. Going through The Sims wiki shows me I have quite a few to do.

Fact Three: I think these bears are so adorable and I love how they created them for different Sim types. I wish there was an alien & mermaid one though. I feel bad that those sims don’t have a teddy representative. haha.

Fact 2: Lucky Palms is one of my favorite Sims 3 neighbourhoods. I guess I have a thing for deserts, or maybe it was the frog that suckered me in … but other than that, I love the layout and the “rich/poor” areas.

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